Female playable characters and Assassin’s Creed

So after the dust has settled on E3 I thought I would voice my opinion on the whole Assassin’s Creed gender controversy. Without a doubt, I think it’s a detriment to Assassin’s Creed that the game didn’t include playable female characters, but I don’t think Ubisoft can be criticized too harshly for what is, unfortunately, an industry standard. Much like the Bechedel test, the lack of playable female characters in most games is a sign that there is something wrong with the industry and not with any one particular game. Hopefully the resulting discussion will lead to more equality in gender representation in the future.

Ludum Dare #29

For Ludum Dare #29 I made a game called The Sun And Moon. It’s an action/puzzle platformer but I don’t want to say too much about it because I think it’s more fun to discover the game for yourself.  I would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think!

In related news, I’m working on a full version with features such as:

  • Controller support.
  • Multiple resolutions as well as proper fullscreen support.
  • Best times for each level with bronze, silver and gold goals.
  • Loads of level.
  • Way better audio.

If there are other things you want to see in a full version of The Sun And Moon please do let me know, I want to make this game as fun to play as possible!

Busy Busy Beaver Source

A few weeks ago I made a timelapse of the 48 hour development of Busy Busy Beaver. Obviously these sort of things are hard to follow so I wanted to eventually upload the source code, too. Well, finally, here it is!

Download Source!

The code hasn’t been cleaned up at all, so expect it to be pretty messy in many places. The main objects to look at are o_player and o_data. o_player controls the beaver himself in all the active levels while o_data holds the matrices storing all relevant level details. o_room_control handles the user interface, o_game_control handles miscellaneous things such as settings, room initialization and sound, and o_camera_control handles the view and parallax backgrounds. All the other objects are either relatively unimportant or should be self explanatory.

A few small things have been updated and the game now saves your progress, but otherwise the source more or less represents the 48 hour version.

If you use any of this source for your own game I ask that you please credit me (as Daniel Linssen). Please do not use this source for any commercial work without talking to me first.