Full Version (Windows)

Above is the most recent version of Javel-ein. I strongly recommend downloading this version, unless you specifically want to play the original or don’t have a Windows machine.

Original Version (Windows)

Above is the version I submitted for Ludum Dare #28. You can find more information here. This version has vastly fewer levels, no bosses, no music, no story, and lacks many other small details.

Web Version

Above is the web version of Javel-ein. There are serious sound and performance issues in this version so I recommend playing the downloadable full version when possible. There may be other undiscovered issues as well.



Javel-ein was made by me for Ludum Dare #28, where the theme was you only get one. In Javel-ein, you only get one javelin. Using it together with your magnificent wit and skill, you must defeat all the creatures in each level before proceeding through the door. Javel-ein contains 60 levels split into four chapters. Each chapter introduces new mechanics, greater difficulty and a unique and terrible boss.

For an additional challenge, there are fabled jewels scattered throughout your journey. Collect all twelve in each chapter so that no one will ever dare to doubt your bravery and finesse! There is also a clock which measures your fastest time in each chapter.

Thank you so much for checking out my game, I really hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think of the game in the comments below or by emailing me at managore at hotmail dot com.



[A]/[Left] – Move left
[D]/[Right] – Move right
[W]/[Up]/[Space] – Jump
[S]/[Down] – Drop down
[Mouse] – Look, aim and shoot
[R] – Restart level
[M] – Mute audio
[Esc] – Exit to menu (then click continue to pick up where you left off)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve reached the door but the level isn’t ending. What gives?
A. Make sure you’ve defeated all the creatures in the level. When you have, the door will be surrounded by a beam of light. You also need to have your javelin with you to get through, you’ll need it for the next level.

Q. What are the yellow spiny things?
A. Optional collectibles! There are twelve of them in each chapter. You can see how many you’ve collected in the bottom left of the screen.

Q. I threw the javelin into the lava. What do I do?
A. Throw yourself into the lava as well! If you get stuck, press R to restart the level.

Q. How do I turn the sound on or off?
A. You can toggle the sound by pressing M, or by clicking on the musical note in the top left of the title screen.

Q. How do I show or hide the clock?
A. You can toggle the clock by clicking on the clock icon in the top right of the title screen.

Q. How many levels are there?
A. There are 61. In chapter 1 there are 16, in chapter 2 there are 18, in chapter 3 there are 19 and in chapter 4 there are 8.

Q. I can’t beat it but I want to know what happens next. Can you tell me?
A. I’ve made a video playthrough of the game which you can find here.

Q. Why does the music change in each level?
A. The music is made up of eight different components. Which components are being played depends on which creatures occupy the level. For example, if a levels features walking creatures then a string instrument can be heard.

Q. Will the game be available on Mac/Linux?
A. Probably not. I’d love for everyone to be able to try out my game but at this point I just have no way to produce a Mac or Linux build. You can certainly play the web version, though.

Q. What software did you use?
A. Gamemaker Studio, Adobe Photoshop CS6, FL Studio, Bfxr, DB’s 16 Color Palette.


27 thoughts on “Javel-ein

  1. Great game! Completed it, had lots of fun.. however, I can’t seem to find a single orb on chapter 3, and I’ve looked everywhere!

    1. Hi Kaowlzu!

      There are definitely a lot more out of the way than in previous chapters. In caves, make sure to explore any nooks and crannies you come across. In open areas, always check far to the left and right.

      Oh and there aren’t any jewels in chapter 4.

  2. Got it!
    … is there something secret that I missed? Didn’t notice anything completing the game again with all the jewels.

    1. The original game I did in a little under 48 hours, starting with a basic collision and physics engine from a previous game. After that I slowly added extra content and features over a month, a few hours at a time.

  3. Hi, I enjoyed your game a lot but found it very, very difficult ! Usually I give up on difficult games but here I managed to get to the end. I thought maybe an easy mode with a health bar or 3 “hearts” could be good for an “easy” mode.
    Also, you should allow “alt-f4” shortcut or add a “quit” button to your main menu, the only way to quit I found was to click the cross on the top of the window. But if you’re playing full screen, you have to switch back to window mode before leaving.

    Good work ! I’ll check your next works 🙂

    1. Hi Dmeat, thanks for the feedback!

      In retrospect, what I wish I had done was make the first half of the game the main game, and had the latter half broken down into several bonus chapters. I think having a health system would ruin the game balance and weaken the feel of the game. If I update the game I’ll add an easier way to exit the game from full screen, I don’t play in full screen so thank you for letting me know.

  4. I loved your game!, It’s awesome to play with a friend (one controlling the player and the another one controlling the javelin). I had an awesome time playing Javel-ein.

    Thanks for making this game!

  5. Thanks for this great game. It was very challenging, the end was actually a little frustrating.. It nearly broke my ‘r’-key ;D
    “Decent-2” was very hard, it took me very long to manage it.
    Also please add to the list of controls [Alt]+[Return] – Toggle Fullscreen
    I had issues with clicking outside of the window before reading that there’s a fullscreen-mode und guessing the key combination.
    Nevertheless awesome work!!!

  6. Unbelievably smooth game; I haven’t come across a platformer as good as this in years, quite literally. Some parts were frustrating and took a while to figure certain things out (especially what to do in The_End), but everything was very well done. I was actually expecting four required hits in The_End instead of three!

    Will you ever add a level editor so players can create their own stories? The tiled nature of the game seems to lend itself to one perfectly! I could imagine a sequel with a crouching/rolling ability, more varied enemies, all sorts of different items/tools, and more. I imagine using the jewels as currency to buy things like a very vulnerable, easily destroyed string that one could tug to pull the spear back to oneself from hard-to-reach places. Either way, great work.

  7. Wow. The gameplay is simple, yet so fun. I love the one-weapon mechanic and how the platforming can be vital to retrieve the javelin. I’m surprised it is for free! Will you be releasing a retail version with more levels on PC or other consoles like Wii U, etc. It would be a hit on there.

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