Busy Busy Beaver

Busy Busy Beaver Not Dying



There is no installation required. The file is 3.5mb.


Using Chrome or Opera is strongly recommended. The game currently doesn’t display properly in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, but it should still be playable.


In Busy Busy Beaver, you control Justin. Help this agile beaver run, jump, and eat his way through 30 levels! Justin has one goal in life: do-it-yourself home renovations! Whether it’s an extra bedroom, garage or home theater, this beaver won’t return home until he has all the wood he needs for his next big project.

Made in 48 hours for the Bacon Game Jam 07.


W / Up / Space — Jump
A / Left — Move Left
D / Right — Move Right
S / Down — Duck
Z / Shift — Eat
R — Restart Level
M — Mute
Esc — Exit To Menu

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I collect a floating block of wood?
A. You need to stand on top of the wood and hold Duck and Eat together. Make sure you’re ducking near the middle of the block.

Q. I’ve collected all the wood, now what?
A. Once you’ve collected enough wood return home so Justin can start renovating!

Q. I can’t beat a level, what do I do?
A. If you really can’t get past a level, you can skip it by holding down B and left clicking on Justin.

Q. How do I turn the sound on or off?
A. You can toggle the sound by pressing M.

Q. I just saw a dog/wolf!
A. No you didn’t.

Q. How many levels are there?
A. There are 30 levels. Justin has lots of needs.

Q. Will the game be available on Mac/Linux?
A. Probably not. I’d love for everyone to be able to try out my game but at this point I just have no way to produce a Mac or Linux build. You can certainly play the web version, though.

Q. What software did you use?
A. Gamemaker Studio, Adobe Photoshop CS6, FL Studio, Bfxr, DB’s 32 Color Palette, Chronolapse.

Busy Busy Beaver Dying

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