This is me.

Hi! Hey! Greetings!

A little about me…

I’ve always been really interested in game design. When I was younger I played around with RPG Maker, Flash, Valve Hammer Editor, and the like. More recently I’ve primarily been using GameMaker: Studio.  I’ve worked on many concept games in a range of genres but almost all of the games I’ve released have been platformers. I have a lot of ideas in the works, including puzzle games, strategy games, mobile games, adventure games and more platformers.

I like to build my games around a single unique idea, exploring all the different ways the player can interact with and overcome the challenges that this idea creates. At the same time, I like to challenge the player and make my games difficult but rewarding. I enjoy looking into what makes a game fun, addictive, innovative or aesthetically appealing, particularly when it comes to level design. I highly value innovation, quality level design, consistency in graphics and responsive controls.

Some games I’ve made…

I’ll be adding more content as I go, but for the time being please check out Javel-ein, a game I made for the Ludum Dare #28 jam. To my surprise and joy it came 3rd overall, 2nd for fun and 4th for theme! I’ve added a lot of content to it since then and I think it’s turned out really well.

I made a game in 24 hours for FlappyJam called FFFFFF. The game is a tribute to the wonderful VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh. You can also download a standalone version which runs much smoother than the html5 version.

Most recently I made Busy Busy Beaver for the Bacon Game Jam 07 where the theme was Hungry. In Busy Busy Beaver you need to collect enough wood for your various do-it-yourself home renovations.

If you’re interested in other game jam entries by me, have a look at Violet, submitted to the Bacon Game Jam 06 where the theme was Rainbows. Violet is a puzzle platformer where you must turn colors on and off to navigate through the level. Also check out Give In, submitted to the Reddit Game Jam 05 where the theme was Love. Give In is a one room rhythm platformer with no distinct goal.

How to say hello…

If you have any questions, criticisms or comments, I would love to hear them! Even if you just want to say hi, it’d be great to hear from you. You can talk to me on twitter or by emailing me using the form below. Thanks for checking out my work!

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