The Sun And Moon

The Sun And Moon Title



There is no installation required. The file is 3.7mb.


The Sun And Moon was made in 24 hours for Ludum Dare #29, where the theme was Beneath The Surface. You can read about the development process in my post mortem.

I am going to continue developing The Sun And Moon into a larger game. I will post updates as development continues.



A + D / Left + Right — Move left and right
W / Up / Spacebar — Jump
Left Shift / Right Shift / Z — Action
R — Restart level
M — Mute/unmute audio
Esc — Exit to level select/exit to title screen/exit game

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I beat the first level?
A. Collect all three bits and jump into the wormhole.

Q. How do I beat the second level?
A. By holding down the action button, you can enter solid objects such as the walls and floor. While inside solid objects, gravity is reversed and you will “fall” upwards. 

Q. Where is the wormhole in the sixteenth level?
A. Far to the left.

Q. I can’t beat a level, what do I do?
A. You can press Esc and choose the next level on the level select screen. You can always return to any uncompleted levels from the level select screen.

Q. How do I turn the audio on or off?
A. You can toggle the audio by pressing M.

Q. Will the game be available on Mac/Linux/Web?
A. Hopefully, but I don’t know when. The web version has a lot of issues I need to resolve.

Q. What software did you use?
A. Gamemaker Studio, Adobe Photoshop CS6, FL Studio, Bfxr.

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