Red Level



Above is a Windows executable version of FFFFFF. I recommend this version since the web version can sometimes lag, and you really don’t want lag in a game all about timing and split second decisions.


Above is the web version of FFFFFF.


I have plans to release an Android and iPhone version of FFFFFF eventually.

Purple Level


After playing Maverick Bird, Terry Cavanagh’s game for the Flappy Jam, I was inspired to enter the jam myself with a tribute to one of his other games, VVVVVV. In FFFFFF the player tries to survive as many rooms as possible by reversing gravity. Many of the rooms are brutally difficult and are only consistently beaten by lightning fast reactions and precise timing. The game features a leaderboard where the best players in the world can compete for a spot.

I made FFFFFF in 12 hours, but came back to it over the following days to add in much needed features such as more responsive controls, many more levels and a global leaderboard.

Blue Level


[F]/[V]/[Space]/[Left Mouse Button] – Jump, begin next run
[Up]/[Down] – Jump
[L] – View Leaderboard
[Left]/[Up] – Leaderboard previous page
[Right]/[Down] – Leaderboard next page

You can also navigate to and around the leaderboard with the mouse. It should be fairly intuitive.

Teal Level

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you still working on FFFFFF?
A. Yes, but I’m working on other projects at the same time so updates may not be frequent. However, if I find out about any bugs or issues with the game I will endeavor to fix them quickly.

Q. What do you plan on adding to the game?
A. Music! Collectible hats! More levels! Okay, only two of those things are true. I also plan on releasing an Android version and probably a Mac version.

Q. Are those highscores real?
A. Most, if not all of them are real scores. Some people are very, very, very good at the game. On the other hand I haven’t gotten above 50.

Q. How many levels are there?
A. There are 42 different levels. Seven of each of the six colors (red, purple, blue, teal, cyan and green).

Q. What are the different ranks?
A. D rank (5+ points), C rank (10+ points), B rank (15+ points), A rank (20+ points), F rank (30+ points), V rank (50+ points).

Q. What software did you use?
A. Gamemaker Studio, Adobe Photoshop CS6. And VVVVVV and Flappy Bird for inspiration.

Green Level

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