HopSlide was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare #30, where the theme was Connected Worlds. HopSlide came 3rd overall.


SS Lantern Hit

Roguelight was made in a week for Gameboy Jam 3, where games had to have a resolution of 166×144 px and only use four colors. Out of 244 games, Roguelight came 1st overall.

The Sun And Moon


The Sun And Moon was made in 24 hours for Ludum Dare #29, where the theme was Beneath The Surface. Out of nearly 2500 games, The Sun And Moon came 1st overall.


Main page

Javel-ein was made by me for Ludum Dare #28, where the theme was you only get one. In Javel-ein, you only get one javelin. Using it together with your magnificent wit and skill, you must defeat all the creatures in each level before proceeding through the door. Javel-ein contains 60 levels split into four chapters. Each chapter introduces new mechanics, greater difficulty and a unique and terrible boss. Out of over 2000 games, Javel-ein came 3rd overall.


Haemo Screenshot


Haemo was made as an experimental side project in July. For a long time I’ve wanted to make a game where you uncovered a world around you by leaving behind a trail. Haemo is a top down action adventure game where you head blind into a world full of enemies, secrets and treasures. You will die a lot, but each death makes the next life easier as your trail of blood uncovers more of the world, and precious upgrades permanently boost your blood meter and your heart count. There are clues on the floor hinting at some ancient power, but achieving this will take a lot of skill and perseverance. And a lot of blood.



Red Level

After playing Maverick Bird, Terry Cavanagh’s game for the Flappy Jam, I was inspired to enter the jam myself with a tribute to one of his other games, VVVVVV. In FFFFFF the player tries to survive as many rooms as possible by reversing gravity. Many of the rooms are brutally difficult and are only consistently beaten by lightning fast reactions and precise timing. The game features a leaderboard where the best players in the world can compete for a spot. Out of nearly 800 games, FFFFFF came 15th overall.

Busy Busy Beaver

In Busy Busy Beaver, you control Justin. Help this agile beaver run, jump, and eat his way through 30 levels! Justin has one goal in life: do-it-yourself home renovations! Whether it’s an extra bedroom, garage or home theater, this beaver won’t return home until he has all the wood he needs for his next big project. Made in 48 hours for the Bacon Game Jam 07. Out of 73 games, Busy Busy Beaver came 1st overall.

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